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Impulse is a series of pieces that explore human nature’s vulnerabilities which affect how we are drawn into the gamut of life experiences. We are fascinated by the enigmatic human qualities that play such an important role in how we respond to what life throws our way. Though we may never be able to understand why human reactions can be so different, we know that each person feels and is influenced by their own innate impulses and sensitivities. 

So, we have chosen to look inward to examine, not only our own vulnerabilities to natural impulses, but also the strength and courage they illicit. We have also chosen to explore how this impacts our own life journey, which has ultimately shaped us both as people and artists.

People often ask us why we dance? Why we create? The answer is quite simple: it is the same reason we talk and walk. It is the instinctive need connect and reveal ourselves to other people in the same way we have visceral impulses to love, nurture, fear, conquer or soar